• The Launch of Vanity Tools and Version 0.3 Beta

    Posted on Mar 28, 2011 | comments (3)

    We have been using the set of plugins for over 6 months now and have finally gotten the time to release this to the world to enjoy. We have tried to make the documentation as easy as possible, there are stand-alone versions for each plugin because we find those to be the most useful when you are implementing a certain plugin. The set of plugins is extremely helpful when creating flashy websites hence the name Vanity. We realize you may have seen similar plugins around the internet and might be wondering “why should I use vanity over the rest” well it’s pretty simple. We guarantee that our code has the smallest footprint around, and if for some reason the code has a few more lines then there are features never seen before that make your life easier by auto generating content or ensuring you have an easy time configuring the plugin.

    We do also want to stress that this is a beta and we are not responsible for any bugs you may run into, as I mentioned we have used them in websites that receive over 20,000 visits a day and so far haven’t had any complaints. But we welcome any bug reports that you may have, here is the link: feel free to use it!

    We hope you enjoy the Toolset and tell your friends about it, we are what jQuery Tools was to the missing features in jQuery UI but the more visually appealing set that helps your websites really bring out the necessary bling to please your clients!

    The Vanity toolset was brought to you by Enavu who is also responsible for (html5 and css3 framework with cross-browser support), (free project management application), (url shortener), (blog filled with valuable tutorials and articles about web development), and much more!

    Best wishes,
    Angel Grablev